3CX Phone System Pro

3CX Phone System Pro

Boost Productivity with 3CX Phone System Pro!

Boost your company’s sales by providing superior customer service, reduce call costs and increase staff productivity with the 3CX Phone System Pro edition! 3CX Phone System Pro includes all the award-winning features of the Standard 3CX Phone System edition but also adds fantastic advanced call center features that are geared to step up your customer service and ensure your company stays ahead of the competition.

Integrate 3CX Phone System Pro with your Microsoft Exchange 2013 phone book to instantly see who’s calling you and span 3CX’s Unified Communications features across offices by viewing the presence of your colleagues in other offices!

Enterprise-style PBX features are provided at a fraction of the cost, unlike proprietary phone systems that are either too expensive to purchase and maintain as well as being difficult to setup. 3CX Phone System Pro changes the agenda by providing your company with the modern call center features it needs to stay ahead of the game.

Never miss that all important call as 3CX Phone System Pro ensures your potential and existing customers take center stage by allowing them to hang up and retain their position in the queue. Your customer is automatically called back when one of your employees becomes available, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Call Center Features:

  • Allow your customers to hang up and keep their position in the queue.
    • Your customer is automatically called back when they reach the top of the queue.
  • Monitor the status of queues by seeing how many callers are in the queue.
  • Log staff in and out of queues.
  • Review the time your staff logged in and out of queues.
  • Easily see the number of answered and unanswered calls.
  • Review the average and longest waiting time your customers were in a queue.
  • Wallboards – Display real-time queue and call statistics directly on a monitor.
  • Additional queue strategies include:
    • Round Robin
    • Longest Waiting
    • Least Talk Time
    • Fewest Answered
    • Hunt by Threes – Random
    • Hunt by Threes – Prioritised
  • Get instantly notified when callers have been in a queue beyond the set SLA time.
  • Meet your customer service requirements by viewing all call events.
  • Screen calls by listening in without your employee or customer knowing about it with the Listen In feature.
  • Relate important information to your employee whilst they’re in a call with a customer with the Listen In & Whisper feature.
  • Assist both your employee and customer by joining a call with the Barge In feature.

Know Who’s Calling with Microsoft Exchange Integration

3CX Phone System Pro seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server as it queries contacts directly from the Exchange Server with 3CX’s phonebook, ensuring staff always know who’s calling. This allows agents to see the customers name rather than a number, saving them time as they don’t need to identify who the customer is, plus it also reduces the customers frustration as they no longer need to explain who they are. This integration saves businesses a tremendous amount of time since there is only one database to manage and any changes made to a contact on the Exchange side are automatically reflected within the 3CX Phonebook..

CRM Integration as Standard

Integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage ACT!, SugarCRM, Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook comes as standard with 3CX Phone System Pro. CRM integration increases productivity as you receive accurate activity reports as all calls are automatically logged without the need for the user to manually create the records. Missed calls are logged and linked to the customer’s record so that customer service personnel can quickly call them back.

Cross-Office Presence to Increase Productivity

3CX Phone System Pro spans its Unified Communications features across offices by allowing users to see the presence of their colleagues in other offices using the 3CXPhone for Windows, Android and iPhone clients.

Seeing the presence of colleagues in other offices boosts productivity as employees can communicate amongst themselves more effectively. In a couple of mouse clicks, employees can make a call, start a conference, instant message, leave a voicemail and transfer a call to colleagues in other offices.

Advanced Reporting Features

3CX Phone System Pro provides more powerful reporting features, giving management access to detailed information. These reports deliver key information on:

  • Queue Statistics
  • Call Distribution
  • Team Statistics
  • Abandoned Calls
  • Answered Calls by Waiting Time
  • SLA Statistics
  • SLA Breaches
  • Callback Statistics
  • Failed Callbacks
  • Agent Statistics

These reports provide businesses with real-time data so as to enhance their staff productivity and customer service.

Upgrade to 3CX Phone System Pro Edition!

If you already use the standard edition of 3CX Phone System, upgrade to the Pro edition easily. Simply purchase the Pro license from your 3CX Partner and reactivate your PBX.

View the full and upgrade pricing here and check out the 3CX Datasheet and Brochure. Download the 3CX Phone System Pro free edition today and break free from your outdated proprietary PBX!

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